Band tshirts are now available…

Rivelino T-shirts still on sale! Four designs in various sizes. All £10

👕White Avatar design as modelled by Sexy Baz and Wor Jade available in Small and Medium

👕Black #WastedWithTheBand design as modelled in Australia by Australian fan club president Andy Stewart and behind the kit by Tisse Tisse Bang Bang Steph Rivelino available in Large and XXL

👕Black South Shields/Herd Groyne design as modelled by ney one (someone send us a pic please and you can be the face of this tshirt!) available in Small, Large, XL and XXL

👕White & Blue South Shields/Herd Groyne design as moddled by that geet lush lass in the daisy dukes available in Small Medium and Large

Show your support for you favourite band this summer (or if not buy a tshirt for someone you don’t really like!!)

Inbox us to reserve, pay and get delivered by one of the band in person!!

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