The evolution of the greatest little house band in all the land…

Named after the Brazilian football legend and celebrated lover of live music
Glorious guitar and sweeeeet harmony!
Roberto Rivelino as and acoustic trio by Davy “Secretary of the Brotherhood” Chambers, Graham “Bald Headed Singer” Todd and “Professor” Barry Pike in 2008, RIVELINO have regularly refined our craft, set list and line up ever since.
Lead singer, Neil Todd joined in late 2009 bringing the name, some much needed youth and hair to the band with Dave “The (not so!) Ace on Bass” Reed BA, MSc. PhD. (4 times over) rocking up in autumn 2010 to reshape the line up and style of music forever.
baz and G
Keeper of the Keys Dave “Tod-Bod” Todd; brought his keyboards & sexual harmonica to the group in 2016, adding some much needed musical talent to the band.
The North East’s number 1 drummer “Soul Sister” Steph “The First Lady Of Love” Tisseman agreed to join the line up permanently in late 2017 taking the bands appeal and popularity to another level.
We’ve worked hard to earn a reputation as a top notch, good time party band who always bring an element of fun, soul, laughter, love and friendship to our gigs.